LEGACY™ Update Bonus:

Lionel® provides free software updates for your LEGACY™ 990 system.

You will need the following items:
A Computer
The Lionel® LEGACY™ Update Program
The LEGACY™ update you need.
A Lionel® LEGACY™ re-writable module
The computer connection cord that came with your LEGACY™ 990 system
The LEGACY™ Base and CAB-2®.

The LEGACY™ Update Program as well as the updates are available as free downloads from the Lionel® website.

To download the Update Program, go to the LEGACY™ section of the website and find the link to the program.

To find the LEGACY™ Update, you need to locate the catalog information on the LEGACY™ 990 Command System. You will see the latest update link for download there. When you download the update, save it to your desktop, not a folder.

You will need to connect your LEGACY™ base to your computer. You should already have the plug labeled LEGACY™ Base, connected to the port on the base. The computer cord has a plug labeled “Serial”. This is meant to connect to the “Serial” port on your computer, however, since the introduction of the USB ports, most computers no longer have a serial port. You can still connect your LEGACY™ base with an RS232 Serial Port to USB Adapter. These can be purchased at electronic or computer stores for less than $25.00.

Connect the adapter to the serial plug on the cord and plug it in to a USB port on your computer. Once your computer finds the adapter, you are all set.

Open the LEGACY™ System Utility and you will see two choices: Make Base Module and Make Cab Module.

Insert the Re-writeable Module in the port at the back of the base, then click one of these choices.

Remember the re-writeable module can only download one update at a time, either base or cab. A good thing would be to have two re-writeable modules, one for base and one for cab. But you can use just one and update the cab first, then the base.

After you have the update recorded on your re-writeable module, insert it in the cab port with the cab power off. Hold the Set button at the bottom and press the CTC button to turn the power on. The red light in the middle of the CAB-2® will flash indicating the update is being installed, when it stops, the CAB-2® will restart and be updated. Remove the re-writable module.

After you record the Base update, unplug the base from your computer and the Power. Insert the Rewritable module in the port at the back. Locate the channel button on the bottom of the base, press and hold this in while you plug the power cord back in. The yellow light on the front will flash indicating that the update is being installed. When it stops, the update is finished.

Turn on the CAB-2®. After it is up and running, press the CTC button once which will take you to the system information screen. You should see the new update version listed for both cab and base.

That’s all there is to it!

Check the Lionel® website periodically for new updates.

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