Happy 100th Anniversary Lionel!

Here's to Lionel on their 100th year of toy train manufacturing. We all wish you continued success. Keep those trains coming.

Alan Ross

What can you say about a model train company that has been around for 100 years? Well you can say that they are indeed a part of the American heritage. That they are truly the standard of the world when it comes to model trains. That they are an intricate part of the Holiday season along with family and tradition. When the U.S. Postal Service introduced their "Celebrating the 20th Century" series they included a stamp that depicts the image of the 1929 Lionel catalog. Another honor came in 1999, when Lionel was named number four in the Arts & Entertainment television network's "Top Ten Toys." Lionel has survived through two World Wars, a depression, the Korean War, Vietnam, the turbulent sixties, the assassination of a president, and other major events of the 20th century. Luckily for us Lionel trains continued to stay on track to delight boys and girls all across America.

Happy 100th Anniversary to the greatest model railroad company in the world - Lionel Electric Toy Trains!

Tom Nuzzo

Internet Resources

I found a link to your Revue on a LOTS site I was looking at. I have a moderated discussion board on my site. Actually there are two of them. One is for general toy train related information, and the other is for the review of new trains by OWNERS. My site, train99.com, has only been up for a month and I have had over 17,000 visitors already.

Oh, another thing about eBay and its effect on train collecting: there is a lot of rare stuff going through eBay. For example, the Lionel 289E. I have been looking for a 289E for over 20 years. In that time I have seen two at train meets and both had sold minutes before I got to them. There has been at least three on eBay in the past year. I am not saying they are not as rare as we always thought, just that eBay levels the playing field.

What is also happening is common stuff in lower condition is decreasing in value. The buyers are waiting for the next one they know will be listed. It is not the same as it was a year ago when any piece of junk would bring a higher price on eBay than at a train show.

Terry Gibbs

The Internet is undeniably an important resource for the hobby. I just found a car yesterday that I have had no luck finding at meets or eBay. So I used a search engine looking for websites of Lionel dealers and within 15 minutes I found the car. Those who resist the Internet are really missing out on something.

Lou's Views

In your price and rarity guides you have a section called Views From the Underground. Could you put these on the web site?

Thank you 
Steve Fillippone
Fort Wayne, IN

"Views From the Underground" is written by Lou Palumbo of the Underground Railroad Shoppe in Pennsylvania. A new article will be in our up-coming American Flyer guide. Although we may ask him to write articles for the webzine too, we have no plans to post the previous articles on the web at this time.

Korean Situation feedback

Mike Wolf fells like some one robbed him! Well Mike your entire Tinplate
line is lifted from Lionel and so were all your early first 'O' gauge
efforts. What a line of, well, simply-put crap.

Paul Tallarico

Just discovered this site and I like it! Anyway, I've been following the dust up between Lionel and MTH and I am amazed at the audacity of Mike Wolf. He dares to accuse Lionel of plagiarism when he has made a career of copying Lionel products, as well as those of other manufacturers. I had been buying MTH equipment from time to time, but I seriously doubt I will purchase any more. I hope the case is thrown out. From what I've heard, there are quite a few differences between the two "A" models and the Lionel one is superior.

Well, that's all for now. Keep up the good work.

Best Regards,
John Mallard

Going to add another issue to Toy Train Revue? From what I have seen in the past 5 years, you guys were never consistent with your issues. You were doing fine with the first issues, then stopped after the 10th issue(?) and now you are doing the same thing online now. Why? Is it too much bother to go ahead with the Lionel/MTH lawsuit and get more facts of what's happening in the courts... CTT can do better. Do you need help here?


We have been trying to produce the webzine every two months. As a business we must put the priority on the things that generate revenue for the company, so the things we provide at no charge may unfortunately suffer from time to time. The Lionel century video was a major production. It took just about every waking second to complete.

As for the situation of the lawsuit, we are in constant communication with Lionel and MTH. CTT may or may not have someone in the Detroit area reporting on the developments in the courts. We do not.

Finally, "Toy Train Revue Journal" is up to number 16 now. Issues 1-8 were available as separate publications. Issues 9-16 have been published in the various price guides we do...again, at no extra charge.

It's fashionable today to say that we live in the Golden Age of O gauge. The intense competition of the free market has given us more choices and technological advancements than ever before. The best part is that we hobbyists are in the driver seat. Or, at least we were...

After MTH lost it's battle in a Michigan court to impose an injunction against Lionel it seems that MTH/Samhongsa had the injunction imposed anyway with the seizure of the Lionel Shay locomotives in Korea. For many dealers this means hundreds of dollars in lost revenue. For hobbyists it means not being able to obtain a much desired locomotive. Thousands of innocent folks have been hurt by this action.

But worse still is what it could mean for the future. If one company can have the power to physically stop it's competitor's products from entering the market then we as consumers have lost our ability to make choices. We will now live in an uncertain world. Regardless of the legal issues no single company has the right to decide what products will or will not enter the market. This action is unethical and will be a cancer that will eat at the O gauge hobby from within. I strongly urge everyone to make their feelings known to MTH and get those Shay locomotives to their rightful owners. This hobby belongs to everyone, not just to Mike Wolf.

Joe Bolton

There is a legal distinction between copying a model of railroad equipment, and copying technical diagrams and plans for a model, which is where the litigation started. It appears, however, that no matter what the final decisions in the courts will be, the judgment of some consumers in this hobby will be something MTH may have to contend with.