Is Richard Maddox still in charge?? Is he still CEO at Lionel?? THANK YOU! I suppose it's fairly safe to ASSUME that the partnership is, AT LEAST IN PART, a combined effort to KEEP THE WOLF (!) AWAY FROM THE DOOR!!! Agree?? Do you know if 3rd-Rail was invited? Williams?? P.S. I REALLY enjoy your TTRevue, AND your CANDOR/HONESTY!! Honestly.

Phil Gresho

Richard Maddox is definitely still the President and Chief Operating Officer at Lionel. The deal with the other four manufacturers is really a licensing agreement, not a merger. Also, as I understand it, the four companies who will be incorporating RailSounds into future locomotives will use version 2.0.

Every time I try to view your new newsletter I end up with the Christmas issue. Is there something I am doing wrong??


What sometimes happens is your cache will hold the file name of the home page so that every time you access the site, the browser pulls the file from the cache instead of from our server. You can occasionally empty your cache, and this also frees up space on your hard drive. Also, when you access a site and you know it is an older version, you can try to hit the reload button on your browser or right click on the mouse and select "refresh."


Your web page was great. I just got the new Lionel catalog. I love the Gold Hudson, but I am a big F3 collector. Have you seen the new prices? I am on my way to the local supermarket and stick it up, this way I can afford to continue with my hobby. The three new F3s for the year 2000 in Vol.1 alone comes to almost $2,100 dollars. I love my Lionel trains, and I would hate to see them go by the way of the dinosaurs.

We have all of your videos, books, rolling stock, Toy Train Revues and Price Guides. At the end of this message is one word that expresses how we feel about your product, and especially members of your staff, are to this hobby..."T"re"M"endous! Please keep 'em coming. Thanks for being a "BIG" part of our hobby.

Joyce & Jerry Drane
Natrona Heights, PA

Great job. Please inform me when the next issue comes out. I would be willing to subscribe (for U. S. green money) to a publication that would have timely, unbiased reviews of new products.

Jim Evans


I love it! Where have you been? Just found this on the web tonight, I have not heard from you since you wrote "Toy Train Revue." I ordered a video from you, and at that time we had a conversation about printed material versus video. Now I can read the stuff on my computer, this is great, keep it up. I hope you make money on it, I will subscribe if necessary.

Peter Kolkmann

As much as money makes us smile, we'd just blow it all on trains anyway. So we have no plans to charge for this site at this time. Thanks for the compliments.


Your online review is excellent. Thanks for taking the time and effort to put this together.

One suggestion to consider: the 3-rail operators and collectors really need a good forum, not a "chat room." They seem to quickly be taken over by small groups engaged in useless nattering. A topical forum setup like eBay's discussion boards -- "Town Square," "Soap Box" and "Current Issues"-- seems to work best as there is total thread separation.

Just my idea. I, for one, think your site will become "the place" for operators and collectors and a good forum would help. 

William H. Kimley
Seahorse Marine, Zhuhai, China

I'll look into the possibility of incorporating those features into this site. I've seen other sites that have at least a bulletin board so my guess is it isn't that hard to start up. If we can do it we will.

Like the new web site. Like to see some pictures of trains on it, and some things for sale. Always enjoy seeing Toy Trains in my E-mail.

Ron Loyd

Getting more pictures of trains on the site is a good idea. We certainly have plenty to choose from. Trains for sale in the future is also a possibility.

On the Korea Situation

Thanks for posting the press releases. I sincerely hope that Lionel was not aware of what was going on in Korea; it would be a sad thing, especially in the centennial year. I had wondered how in hell Lionel was able to run off what, to my eye anyway, were copies of the MTH Premier articulated steamers in what was relatively a very short time. Now perhaps we know. ::sigh:: One is forced to wonder, given the Maddox press release, if Lionel provided any design specs for the castings to Korea Brass, or if they just accepted what was provided, added their electronics, and put their name on the result. Time will tell.

On a happier note, are you going to be extending the MTH Layouts video series? The first video is superb, and I hope there will be more! Then again, most of your videos are superb! :)

Ciao, Dave

Please keep abreast of this issue and report as much as possible. I trust you will not print rumor and many people are wanting to know what's going on. Thanks for your efforts.

Don Craig

Layout Tips

Mr. Stachler having been associated with collecting, selling and writing about Toy Trains for many years, I must tip my hat to your informative and well written stories. I get great pleasure from your articles that tell a very concise story. Actually the authors I have admired over the years are Dave Garrigues, Tuohy and McComas, some of Jim Bunte's work at CTT and Roger Carp's current work.

Jerry Rubin

Thanks very much for the compliments. I can't wait to show your note to Dave Garrigues, who is co-authoring our up-coming guide on American Flyer.


I just wanted to drop you a line to say "GOOD JOB" with the TTR On-Line web site. I particuarly enjoyed Joseph Stachler's latest Layout & Operating Tips! I've set up the oval w/passing siding with the switches wired to alternate the train's route and I'm enjoying it immensely! I plan to build the figure-8 layout listed as soon as I collect enough MTH track and switches.

Tell Mr. Stachler I'd like to see how he would recommend wiring both layouts for automatic 2-train operation -- particularly the figure-8 layout! Thanks again for the web site! I've enjoyed several of your video tapes and magazines and look forward to more in the future!

Brian Johns
Wichita, Kansas

Whenever you run two trains automatically on the same line you'll need to use insulated block sections so the trains can stop each other and avoid collisions. Obviously the crossover section will need this as well. Also, by building this type of layout you'll really limit the length of the trains you can run. The loops of the figure-8 will need to be big enough to accommodate two train consists, and it will be impossible to use an automatic reversing feature with switches on the figure-8 layout.

Lionel came up with this track plan long ago. To look at it, you'd think it was a disaster waiting to happen. But I built this when I was a kid, and it worked like magic. If you are going to use MTH RealTrax you can use their I.T.A.D. in place of the 153C Contactor.


In the first posting of last issue's product reviews, we reported that the MTH boxcab electric had an ABS plastic body. In fact, it is diecast. informed us of our mistake and we corrected it immediately.