Compliment Corner

Great guys, just great. Keep up the good work. You folks fill a unique niche in the toy train hobby.

--Neil Blumberg

GREAT!! Thanks!


Just as keeping track of all of the new products and manufacturers is hard for train businesses, so is it hard for the operator/collector to keep up on the market offerings. Your first issues of webzine seem to have a real "feel" for what's going on and you put out the news in a very succinct way. This is really helpful to readers so long as you keep objective and keep it direct and to the point. Keep up the excellent work. At last a source for informative and authoritive reports and ideas. I shall visit often.

--Don Craig, Jr.
Indianapolis, IN.

After receiving your new catalog in the mail today, I noticed the TTR web site. What a blast! As an original subscriber, I anxiously waited for each issue (sometimes too long)! I am glad to see you have gone high tech and brought your talents to a media which is much more timely.

Keep up the great work,
--Terry Johnson

What if the cabbage tastes good?

Looks like #2 carried over a lot of items from #1. I don' t particularly want to chew my cabbage twice. Thanx for trying hard.


We're confused by your e-mail, can you be more specific? Issue One has the first interview in the hobby with Dick Maddox. That's all it has. Issue Two has an exclusive interview with Dick Kughn, a market report on Lionel, a review of a huge hobby show in Chicago, a layout suggestion article, and an article of production suggestions for Lionel to consider. We don't see how the two are at all the same. Maybe you just re-read the same issue twice.

Just Lionel?

Is this strictly a Lionel newsletter? I kept reading the Market Review thinking there might be some mention of MTH, but only in how Lionel will have to meet their products.

--Tom Grimason

Thoughtful, insightful, unbiased commentary. What a refreshing change from the normal printed articles that we receive. I enjoyed your articles immensely. If at all possible I would like to see in-depth analysis and interviews for the other O gauge manufacturers. The same type of reviews for MTH, K-Line, Williams, etc. as you have done for Lionel would be greatly appreciated. Please keep up the good work!

--John Brennan

I recently visited your Toy Train Revue webzine site. Nice job. My question is--and I know you stated it is opinionated--is that it seems to have mostly Lionel news content. Is this your slant? Will you be having fair share news on MTH, K-Line, Atlas-O, Weaver, and Williams? Thanks in advance for the answer. I look forward to reading future issues of your webzine.

--Rob Adelman

The Market Review portion of Toy Train Review was refreshing. A welcome change from the "rosie scenario's" that usually appear in the model railroad press. I trust that other manufactures will be so reviewed.

--Rich Gajnak
p.s.--don't forget about S gauge...

Thanks, I always looked forward to the new TTR in your guides, and will continue to do so. I hope the online Revue doesn't mean the end of print. I don't mind paying for good journalism. But I must admit, this is the first thing I ever went out of my way to read online, most online content being more in the category of filler. But now I have a stiff neck!

Thanks again( I think!)
--Jonathan Weinstein

A lot of readers asked us about the direction the webzine seemed to be going in. First of all, we are happy to report on all aspects of the toy train hobby. Secondly, this was our second issue, in a way our first full issue. As time goes on you will see interviews, news, product reviews and more including just about every company in the hobby. Our Price & History Guides were to have several articles in them. Due to space restrictions and an excellent history of Lionel's 100 years, a few of those articles appear in both this issue and the previous one. Speaking of 100 years, because Lionel has been around for that long means there will be a lot more potential for various articles. Chances are there won't be any collector reminiscing about getting that MTH train as a kid in the '50s. Finally, look in our MTH Guide. A great in-depth interview with Mike Wolf and a lot of articles about MTH. So, to sum up: keep reading and eventually we will have covered (almost) everyone in the hobby. Thanks for reading.


Just a note, the new Marx passenger train is not the Empire State, but the "20th Century Limited".

Good luck to you,
--Mark Kimball

Thanks for the e-mail. That's what's great about a can immediately change any mistakes.

An interesting suggestion...

Great job, how about direct E-mail up-dates?

We like that idea. Does anyone out there know how to arrange for something like that?

Where are we?

Hello guys! Thought I read somewhere you did a new Revue. I am still getting the old R. Maddox one. Am I at the wrong address or is this the only one that you guys did? Hope to see more on this board as they make for great reading as do all of your products. Keep up the good, no make that great work!

--Frank Carlo

Our very first issue was also the very first interview in the hobby with Lionel's new president, Richard Maddox. We posted it on our TM Books & Video website. Now, Toy Train Revue is a separate website. Of course, if you're reading this, you probably already know this.