We're a hit!

It's great to see you on line. I look forward to reading more up-to-date news from you in the future. Good Luck!

Bill Freyman

I consider this an exclusive; questions were pointed and elicited better info than what I recently have been reading in CTT. Kevin Bernard (another Lionel type from the 1940's--I also have just about every video you've produced)

Great interview! It's nice to see a publisher asking the hard questions, albeit in a respectful manner. Hope there is more to come. Thanks.

Chris Dunn


Lionel President and COO Richard Maddox in
front of portrait of Lionel founder Joshua Lionel Cowan.
Photo by Dave Hallman, used with permission by Lionel LLC

Great interview with Maddox and thanks for sharing it with us. Dick Maddox answered some very difficult and controversial questions you posed about Lionel's future strategies and past problems in a straightforward and decisive manner.



Toy Train Revue On-line is great! Can always count on you folks for honesty and integrity (a rarity on the web). Best of luck to you!

Sincerely, Brian Olson

On TTR On-line's Future

I have always enjoyed the Toy Train Revue forums, and have found them informative and entertaining reading. I am pleased that TTR is moving to an on-line format, but at the same time, a bit curious about how this might effect your other TTR efforts. Will the Price & Rarity Guides still carry TTR articles?

Absolutely. Our next two Lionel price guides, due in December, will feature two new Toy Train Revue Journals. The bulk of these issues will be an illustrated history of Lionel over the past century.

Will duplication of items occur between guides and on-line forums?


Will the on-line forum become a subscription only access, or will it remain accessible to everyone?

For now through at least the end of the year, it will be totally free. Mr. McComas and I have discussed several possibilities on generating revenue from this site, but we have decided for now to keep it free to the public.

How often will the subjects of the on-line forum change, will old subjects still be available for review, and how will notification of new postings be handled?

Future issues will include: a new feature article, an article on layout building or train operating tips, product reviews, breaking news in the hobby and answering reader mail. Old issues will always be available for review. There is no set schedule for publishing new issues, but we are targeting every two months for publishing new issues.

Finally, really enjoyed the Dick Maddox interview. His appointment has generated a renewed interest in the Lion, and I wish him well.

from "Big Steam"

What about Flyer?

Dear Toy Train Revue,

Why no question about the future of American Flyer Lines at Lionel?

Don Thompson

A lot of Flyer fans questioned our absence of American Flyer questions for Lionel's new president. Here is our response: we forgot about Flyer. However, we strive to right our wrongs and took advantage of a recent meeting with Mr. Maddox to ask him about Flyer's future. He responded with a smile.

"Tell them there are going to be some surprises."